We aspire to help every child in our care to develop as a whole person, becoming confident, happy, independent, creative and adaptable; to love learning and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

A Harper House child is a happy child. We work hard, we eat healthy, we exercise And most of all we always give our best! We remember these words: I can!


Our curriculum is based on the CAPS document set out by the Education Department. We encourage the children to solve problems, work collaboratively and be adaptable. Children need to know that making ‘mistakes’ is an important part of learning and we aim to provide an atmosphere in which learning is fun, safe and rewarding. At Harper House we endeavour to instil a love of learning. We have at least two fun events each term. These events contribute to a happy, family orientated environment.


At Harper house we believe in balance. Working hard in the classroom as well as on the sports field. Our motto on the Sports field is “I CAN!” We encourage all our leaners to participate and teach them that winning is a wonderful achievement the journey of participation is the greatest reward. During Term 1 and 4 our learners participate in swimming and an activity of their choice (ballet and cricket). During Term 2 and 3, our learners are offered hockey / soccer and their chosen activity (ballet or chess). 

The school also offers a wide range of extra murals included in the school fees. These include Choir, Art, Maths Leads and Novel Idea.  

At Harper House we believe that a healthy body hosts a healthy mind. 


Harper House Primary School is a family, with every member committed to high expectations, teamwork, mutual respect, support and understanding. 

We believe that knowing each child as an individual is at the heart of our success. We aim to challenge and support all learners, in an environment where safety, warmth and trust are key values. As a learning community, we aim for excellence and recognise that every member of the school can make a difference to those around them. We aim to provide learners with the firm foundations needed to underpin lifelong learning. 

We want our children to be happy, have high self-esteem and develop confidence in themselves and their abilities so that they can learn to handle new situations. We want them to enjoy school, developing a questioning approach to life that will equip them for a rapidly changing world. 

In addition to promoting academic excellence, we do our best to offer high quality pastoral care. Our behaviour management is based on rights and responsibilities we encourage the children to make the best possible choices, being good ‘citizens’, supporting and respecting each other. We have a range of rewards and clear procedures when they make the ‘wrong’ choices. We encourage children to take pride in everything they do, which extends to their conduct out of school. All children wear school uniform, which makes them instantly recognisable.